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ISO certificate

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  • iso 9001
  • iso 14001

We have obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, the international standards for quality and environmental management systems.
We continue to improve our quality and environmental management system, to further improve the quality of the products and services we provide to our customers, and at the same time work on environmental measures.

Environmental Report

Internal Audit

We conduct internal audits to identify and solve problems by ourselves.

Training for Internal Audit

We provide training to improve the skills of internal auditors, as well as to train new managers and personnel as internal auditors.

External Audit

We commission ISO certification bodies to conduct external audits in order to resolve hidden problems that cannot be found by internal audits alone.

Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

We have set our own environmental standard values that are stricter than the values set by the prefectural or municipal governments, and we are voluntarily measuring water quality although it is not necessary to report.

Emergency Response Training

We conduct drills to prepare for emergency situations such as the occurrence of a leakage of hazardous substances or a disaster.

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Pollution control measures for rivers, etc.

We are taking measures such as oil leakage sensors and valves to prevent contamination of rivers when leakage occurs.
Response methods are explained at the time of emergency response drills.

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Environmental Education

We provide environmental education to new employees and mid-career employees when they join the company.

Specialized Education

We provide specialized environmental education whenever necessary.

CO2 Reduction Activities
  • We have changed the material dryer to an energy-saving type.
  • We have installed high-speed shutters and curtains at the entrances of buildings to improve the energy-saving effect of the air conditioners.
  • We have changed our heating system (infrared heaters) to an energy-saving type.
  • We have changed one of the mold machines from hydraulic to electric type.
Waste Reduction Activities
  • We separate transparent vinyl and turn some of it into valuable resources.
  • We recommend using the back side of paper when printing while paying attention to security.
On-site confirmation of wastes

We have conducted on-site inspections of waste disposal companies.
We check the contents of the permit and compliance with laws and regulations based on the check sheet, and confirm that the processing work is carried out without error.

Other Activities
  • Collection of PET bottle caps
  • Collection of cartridges tape printing machine
  • Patrol cleaning inside the company by 5S committee members, etc.
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